Theory of Existence

Hang on, I can see where this is going, and I am afraid that I am going to have to ask you to toss me a dollar before you read on. Now I know that the time that it is going to take you to work your way through the checkout process is worth a lot more than a dollar but it is going to be worth it – I promise.
Your gesture is going to provide much more benefit than its monetary value to each of us. On my side, it is going to encourage me to keep going but it will be of more value to you, and that is why I ask.
The value that you’ll get from your monetary contribution is not from anything that you might learn here – although hopefully there is something of use here for you. The value that you’ll receive is drawn from the fact that you will then be invested in my success. You will have established a relationship, you will have made a decision which you then acted upon. You’re on board and we have connected. We are on the same team, and you have established a place in our community. My success will then reflect on you, as you have invested in me, and I’ll owe you, and it is in your interest to look after people that owe you favours. The value that I receive then comes from what you will do next, and that is that you will rationalise the decision in your mind. The more you contribute, the more likely you will be to read what you have invested in and to encourage others to read and invest too.
(Sunken cost fallacy also comes to mind here, but let’s move on. You have a purchase to make and an article to read.)
So just so that you know, this content is accessible to members only.
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