The best way to contact me is to post a comment, but if you’re feeling lucky then, by all means, try getting one past gmail’s overzealous spam filters by emailing me at Then be sure to check your spam folder for my reply.

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Thanks heaps for helping me test this out, and once again for all your support. I have now set the comments to auto-approve as the site is set to only allow comments from registered users, so I am not expecting spam to be an issue.

With regards to the email meme – yes it is back from about 2004 – we had it made up as a part of the Casekeys project that we were doing at the time. I just liked the character and have used it in a number of places as my avatar.

BTW Your site presents a very interesting analysis/hypothesis of the Abrahamic religions. For anyone that is struggling with the Virtue-Evil Duality of God, I would recommend that they start with your site. In any case I can’t wait to see “Mind Rewind” – it sounds like something that I would definitely be interested in.

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