What’s this all about?

These articles are all about you, your world, your past, your present, and how it is that things are the way they are.   I have a lot to share with you, but the written word has no soul, so if I am to keep your attention then I am going to have to first and foremost entertain you – to this end I will exaggerate, embellish and oversell my story, but I assure you that the truth is never far away.  My purpose is my own, but my goal is to nurture your skepticism, to seed your curiosity – not to tell you the truth, but rather to play on your biases, to exploit the vulnerabilities of your mind, to trick you into finding the truth for yourself.

You, on the other hand, I understand that you’re here to be entertained.  Let’s see who wins.

Theory of Existence – Unsure of whether you exist or not, this will help you sort it out.  This article addresses the questions of what we are, and how it is that we are here. (Members Only)

How to Breed Books – Everyone is doing it. This article contains everything that you need to know to get started, and you will learn a little about the similarities between genes and memes while you are there.

The Greatest Existential Risk – All you need to know to start your own doomsday cult, or at least avoid being caught up in somebody else’s.  The threat posed by the merchants of doom is real.

How to make your own WMD with smoke and mirrors – Every supervillain needs one of these, but you will have to be quick.

Never Mind Reality – How to fool everyone, including yourself.  Well at least in matters that are somewhat controversial. (Members Only)

The Ultimate Invention – A speech that my youngest daughter presented about the most significant invention of all time. 

Skeptics and Other Nuisances – The Deniers are not going away anytime soon, in fact, our computer models show that they will soon be denying our apocalyptic forecasts faster than we can make them up. (Members Only)

We are all going to die! – Everyone dies from the same thing, so how about we try to prevent it. (Members Only)

All feedback and counter-arguments are greatly appreciated.  My only loyalty is to the truth, if I find myself on the wrong side of the truth then I will change sides in a flash.  However, I have found that reality is not swayed by my clever arguments, nor does it care for my whims, my ethics, or for my most reasonable excuses.  I suspect that it doesn’t care for yours either, so to save us both some time, it would help greatly if you first checked your argument against a list of well-known fallacies.  For what is it worth to win an argument if in doing so you lose the truth?


© Adrian McElligott Oct 2019

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